10 FREE Tools Guaranteed To Supercharge Your Instagram

Stop wasting time browsing the app store! Here's 10 tried and tested apps or online tools to help you elevate your Instagram. With Instagram placing more emphasis on video in 2022 the top 4 might just prove invaluable.

  1. ImgPlay. Creating gifs is simple with this app and I particularly love it for turning a series of still photos into a gif but you can use videos too. The free version allows you to add text, stickers, change playback speed and more. Paying for the full version (which cost me £4.50 so it hardly breaks the bank) means I can merge videos together and access all the functions such as add a custom logo or stickers and blur part of the video out.

  2. Capcut. Move over InShot there's a new video editing app at the top of my list which is free and packed full of editing goodness! Sound effects, animated stickers, background removal and heaps of transition effects plus a new shortcut option for effortless video creation make this my go-to video editing tool right now. Check it out now!

  3. Canva. An incredible design tool for non design orientated people like me plus with options to incorporate animated stickers, text, GIFs etc and a video editing suite which is SUPER EASY to use it might just be worth upgrading to their PRO version.

  4. Adobe Photoshop Camera. This app intuitively suggests the best 'lenses' (effects and filters) to use for each photo and some even turn a static image into a video. This is my absolute go to for jushing up an image for Insta and it's completely free!

  5. Easily remove the background in photos with this handy web based tool where all you need to do is upload your photo! Great if you don't want to pay for Canva Pro but would like to have this function. Why not give it a try now?

  6. Touch Retouch. Another 'removal' tool this time of unwanted items (or dare I say it people!) in your photos. I've tried a number of apps to get rid of objects in photos and this is the most straightforward one by far! A low cost app at $1.99.

  7. Photo Timer+. If you're looking for an app that can take multiple photos with a delay before each one and include an audible countdown so you can get 'photo ready' then look no further. It's great for those 'I need a photo of me for social but haven't got one to hand' moments.

  8. Inflact. Until I came across Inflact I never rated apps and tools that profess to help with hashtag research because I just hadn't discovered a good one! However this tool is well worth a try. I still say Instagram itself is the best place for research but if you're looking for a quick hit of suggestions (and there will be A LOT with Inflact) then you won't be disappointed!

  9. Quicc. Designed for repurposing video content I use Quicc for captioning video and it is the most accurate and easy to use tool I've used so far. Offering a 'pay as you go' option of $1 per minute of video (ok it's not free but that is not going to break the bank!)and branded colour captions it's perfect if you only need to caption video which isn't overly long every month or so or for when Instagram's autocaptions are being glitchy!

  10. Image Splitter. An essential if you're looking to create Instagram carousel posts which flow seamlessly from one image to another. I found this one by Postcron recently and it's a doddle to use.

If you have a firm favourite Instagram app or tool that hasn't made it onto this list let me know at I'm always excited to discover new ones!

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