10 Words Of Wisdom To Propel You To Social Media Success

Social media might change more quickly than....the seasons; a toddler's mind, a Tory U Turn; a teen's wardrobe (feel free to choose the one which resonates with you the most and thank you to my Insta community for these suggestions!) but here's 10 'Social Pip-isms' you may well have heard me say that can see you through no matter what might happen and work regardless of the platform you're using.

  1. It's called social for a reason. Being a business on social media doesn't change it to 'sales media', keep things social, it's what makes us human!

  2. Better to be brilliant on one platform than mediocre on many. Spreading yourself too thin trying to be everywhere will bring you little more than frustration.

  3. It's about your audience NOT you. Without appealing to your audience you're just an account shouting into the void.

  4. You cannot expect masses of engagement if you're not prepared to engage yourself. Engagement is the holy grail of social and you've got to give it to receive it

  5. An engaged following of 40 is worth more than a disengaged following of 400. The former is a community, the latter just numbers.

  6. If you want people to care about you then you've got to care about them. One sided human relationships never work out.

  7. Likes are lovely but conversations count. You create connections and relationships with words not through a like.

  8. Treat your social media accounts like a person trying to make friends not a business trying to make money. Social media did not originate as a business marketing tool; change your mindset to fit with this and watch the magic happen.

  9. Be a human in an online space, what works in the real world works online too. There may be tech involved but you are not a robot so don't act like one.

  10. Contrary to popular opinion the algorithm is not out to get you. It's a piece of code using signals from other users to work out whether people are interested in your content. If people aren't interested you're either not providing them with the content they want or not engaging with them yourself....or both.

Whether you call these words of wisdom, social media mottos or mantras let me know which one was your favourite!

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