18 Simple Content Ideas To Boost Engagement

Updated: May 19, 2021

There’s no guarantees in social media, sometimes posts perform badly for no apparent reason; trust me when I say it happens to everyone, yes even the ‘experts’. However if I was to lay money on certain posts performing better over others these are the ones to go for:

  • Faces - because your audience love to connect face to face

  • Team - more human connection (see above)

  • Behind the scenes - takes us into your world and makes your followers feel a bit VIP

  • Topical - if everyone else is talking about it, your followers will be too

  • Trending - see above but usually to be used with caution

  • Controversial - guaranteed to generate a reaction. Depending on the topic may need to be used with care.

  • Celebratory - it’s hard to resist not joining in with the feel good factor

  • User Generated Content - nothing beats seeing others ‘say’ great things about you

  • Emotive - making your audience feel something tends to spark a reaction especially if it’s positive

  • Funny - everyone loves someone who makes us laugh

  • Nostalgic - now more than ever taking your followers back to a time where they knew what was happening is comforting

  • Food, young children and animals - cute kids, cute animals and appetising food is always a winner

  • Value adding - advice, tips, hacks, call it what you will these often get shared and saved

  • Interactive - make it easy to get involved, choosing between A or B requires less thought and feels ‘safer’ than leaving a wordy opinion

  • Inspirational - affirms with your followers that you’re on the same wavelength

  • Hyperlapse video - less topic more format but video attracts and I’ve yet to see a Hyperlapse video that didn’t catch the eye

  • Insight led - use your insights to create new content your audience has already showed they respond to

  • Relating to Audience - understanding the psyche of your target audience and what makes them tick helps you craft posts and content that they can’t fail to engage with

Now I’m no advocate for boosting engagement for the sake of it, the focus should always be quality of engagement over quantity (you can read all about this here) but if your engagement is dwindling a bit then I recommend choosing one from the list above. Which one will you start with?

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